Felis Dos was born and raised within the confines of a religious proletarian milieu, deep within the heartlands of São Paulo and Goiás, Brazil. Immersed in an environment steeped in faith, class consciousness, social issues, and spirituality, Felis' upbringing bestowed upon him a unique perspective.
From a tender age, Felis grappled with profound questions. His queerness, coupled with self-reflection under the shadow of his father's name, led him to ponder: "Who am I? Who possesses the authority to define my essence? Can I rise above societal labels that distinguish me as different from my peers? Why does monetary wealth perpetuate disparities in access? What life path am I compelled to accept, and must I adhere to a normative white-straight narrative?"
As a visual artist, or as he prefers to term himself—an "image maker," Felis weaves these age-old queries into the tapestry of his creative expression. These queries become his tools for envisioning diverse realities, belief systems, and futures, both for himself and his community.
In the realm of painting, Felis has discovered a sanctuary, a place to craft the images and universes that he perceives as indispensable to the world. However, his artistic journey transcends the boundaries of paint, extending into the realms of photography, video, and performance.
With a background in philosophy, Felis aspires to produce artworks that evoke uncertainty and carve spaces for deconstruction and reconstruction. His intent is to craft pieces that delve into fundamental philosophical inquiries, bestowing upon him and the world opportunities to envisage alternative ways of living.​​​​​​​
Since 2018, Felis has been living and working in Denmark.