Born and raised in a religious proletarian family and community in the interior of the states of São paulo and Goiás, the visual artist felis dos grew up surrounded by faith, class consciousness, social issues and spirituality.
This gave felis extensive reflections and conflicts. His queernes and wonderings about himself, who bears the same name of his father, were very present from a young age in felis' mind and considerations: 
Who am I? Who can define who/what I am? Who can I become since I'm pointed out as different than the other kids? Why money and financials are always named the reason we all don't get the same acces? What life can I then create for myself and for my people? Do I have to accept the life-path given to me? Do I have to follow the white-straight-normativity standard?
As a visual artist, or as he call himself - image maker, felis brings these old questions to his work as tools to dreams and imagine different realities, faiths and futures for himself and his community. 
felis has found in painting a place to focus and create the images and universes he feels needed in the world, but his practice touches and expands itself trhough other media such as photography, video and performance.
Combined with a dregree in philosophy, his intention is to create works that can raise doubts and spaces for destruction and reconstruction. felis wants to create pieces that reflect on fundamental philosophical questions and that can give him and the world chances to picture other ways of living our lives.
felis’ processes are a journey into thinking origins, norms and traditions. It’s also a walk to unravel roots in order to understand the concept of belonging and to find possibilities for new realities.

felis has lived and worked in denmark since 2018.